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True JOY

Donna Curtin

Donna Curtin

On Sunday, October 4, I will be participating in the Newton-Wellesley Hospital's Virtual Hope Walks, benefiting the Mass General Cancer Center at Newton-Wellesley. 

My sister, Joy, has survived cancer of the esophagus and thyroid cancer. She has lived her life to its absolute fullest with a resolve at which we all marvel. Her energy is unmatched, her work ethic is beyond compare, her generosity is endless.

She continues her fight every day with positivity, gratitude and true Joy.

I am participating in this virtual walk to raise funds for the Mass General Cancer Center at Newton-Wellesley, where she has worked for most of her career. Your donations will help continue to offer a range of programs and integrative support services including massage, reiki, psychosocial counseling and more to patients with a cancer diagnosis.
Please consider making a donation to my fundraising page or ask me how to get involved in Virtual Hope Walks. Thank you for your support!


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