Virtual Hope Walks 2020

October 04, 2020

Event FAQ's

All walkers who register and self-donate $20 at the time of registration will receive a Hope Walks Long Sleeve T-Shirt.
We hope to have an in-person t-shirt pick up for those who have self-donated to receive a t-shirt. We will be following social distancing guidelines and recommendations from health and government officials.  We will have more information as we get closer to the event. If we are unable to host an in person t-shirt pick up, we will do our best to mail t-shirts prior to the event.
Since the 2020 Hope Walks has gone fully virtual, we will not need volunteers. The only way to participate is to register to walk.

Donate FAQs

All donations should be mailed to:
Development Office
Re: Hope Walks 
Newton Wellesley Hospital
2014 Washington Street
Newton, MA 02462.
Please make all checks payable to: Newton Wellesley Hospital.
Please make sure that in the memo it says "Hope Walks" and the participant/team name the donation should be credited to.
Click on the home page and begin typing the first or last name. Your options will display as you type.
If you check this checkbox, you will be charged the amount indicated next to the checkbox. This amount will also be visible to the non-profit. However, on the fundraising page, your intended - initial donation amount will be displayed.
Yes, anyone who donates online, regardless of the amount, will receive a receipt via email.
A Tax ID number identifies Newton Wellesley Hospital as a 501(c)(3) non-profit Organization. The Newton Wellesley Hospital Tax ID number is 04-210-3611
When you make a donation online, you can designate what you want to appear as your recognition name on the participant's Honor Roll. This may be your name, or it could be something such as "From the whole Wolf family" or "in memory of Aunt Cathy."

Fundraising FAQs

Fundraising totals for awards will be based on fundraising sums through Wednesday, September 30, at noon. Additional donations can be mailed to the Development office through November.
If Hope Walks qualifies for your company gift matching program, please contact your company for details and processing. If you have any Newton-Wellesley Hospital-related questions, those can be directed to Laura Solarz at lsolarz@partners.org.
If a donation check has been written out to you personally, you should cash the check into your banking account and write a new check made out to may endorse the back of the check and mail it in as an offline donation. 
No, checks are the preferred payment method for offline donations.  If you receive cash, we recommend depositing the cash into your checking account and send a personal check from your account.
While we do our best to post them immediately, offline donations will be posted within 1-2 days once received.  If your donation does not post within that time frame, please contact Newton Wellesley Hospital.
A Tax ID number identifies Newton Wellesley Hospital as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Many donors will request this number to validate their donation as tax-deductible. The Newton Wellesley Hospital Tax ID number is 04-210-3611.
As your donors make a contribution, they have the option of whether or not they want to appear in the Honor Roll.
Log in with your email and password to visit your headquarters page. Select My Fundraising Report on the left side. You will then find a list of all of your donors as well as a list of all donors to your team .
To easily send thank-you emails to donors, follow these steps:
  1. Log in to your fundraiser dashboard by clicking the "My HQ" link in the top right
  2. Click "My Fundraising Report" in the left sidebar
  3. Locate the donor/donation you'd like to thank, and click "Send Email" (If the donor didn't submit their email address, this option is unavailable.)
  4. Type the message in the pop-up window, and click "Send Email"

Website FAQs

A personal URL is a shortened link to your team or personal page that you can send to friends and family in emails. A personal URL will look like this https://nwh.rallybound.org/hopewalks/ben.
When a donor makes a donation online, s/he can enter text to appear on the fundraising honor roll. This may be the donor's name, or it could be something like "From the whole Wolf family" or "In Memory of Aunt Cathy".